Welcome Center

Our goal is to be the most hospitable church in the entire Humble area. In order to fulfill this vision there is a great need for a hospitality center to welcome new guests on Sunday morning. Leading experts in church hospitality center their entire strategy around having a welcoming center for new guests to learn more about the church, sign up for events, check-in their kids and grab a cup of coffee. It also addresses one of the biggest issues new guests have expressed, "Where is  the entrance to the church?" This new building would provide a prominent entrance from the exterior as well as connect the Sanctuary, the Education Building and the Chapel building under one roof.

What a New Welcome Center would allow.
  • PROMINENT EXTERIOR ENTRANCE - Currently our guests coming from the East and the West have a hard time finding the Sanctuary. Many people confuse the Chapel with the Sanctuary. This new entrance would help guests more easily navigate our campus on Sunday morning.

  • NEW COFFEE STATION - Currently we have an amazing team that rolls out coffee every week. The Welcome Center provides a new permanent coffee location.

  • ENHANCED HOSPITALITY - Church strategist say when someone walks into a building for the first time, they should be able to see where to worship, where to stop and ask questions, the location to drop off their children, restrooms and the location for coffee from one place. All five will be prominently located within the Welcome Center. The goal is to reduce the stress and anxiety of a first time family as much as possible.

  • NEW FAMILY RESTROOMS - Many of our restrooms are not easily accessible from our Sanctuary. For men, they have to travel outside to the back of another building to find a restroom. Three new family restrooms allow for all people to quickly access a restroom and gives everyone the privacy they need.

  • SIGN UP KIOSKS - The Welcome Center also allows those seeking to sign up for events and service opportunities a central place to find out more information and get involved.

  • GREATER FELLOWSHIP - Currently we only have a few minutes to catch up with our friends and guests on a Sunday morning during worship. The Welcome Center provides a place for us to gather before and after worship to truly get to know one another.

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