Fellowship Hall


Our Fellowship Hall is currently one of the busiest rooms at First Methodist. It hosts a variety of community groups throughout the week. As such it has received the most wear. In addition, our children's ministry is growing and we need to use the space for Kid's worship on Sunday mornings. The newly renovated room will allow both the kid's ministry and all community groups to have access to a  state of the art gathering space for years to come.

Community Groups that use the Fellowship Hall
  • The Gathering Place - Alzeimer's support group

  • Tried N True - Senior adult fellowship gathering

  • Boy Scouts of America - Troop Meetings

  • Girl Scouts of America - Troop Meetings

  • God and Country - Scouting Christian training

  • Fuente de Vida - Hispanic Ministry gatherings

  • Children's Weekday Ministry - Special programing

  • Children's Piano Recitals

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