Over $1 Million Pledged

Dear Family in Faith,

CONGRATULATIONS First Methodist Humble!!! Wasn’t it a great celebration lunch. Our planning team did an outstanding job and Drums of the Pacific, USA were absolutely terrific. I felt like I was back in Hawaii.

God is on the move! As of Monday morning, October 15, we have broken the Million Dollar Pledge mark and still have pledges being made. I am so excited about what we will be able to accomplish with Building in Faith, Growing to Serve! I will continue to keep you up to date on progress. Some gifts have been made because of property being sold and others via stocks so we are still getting totals on some of those. The big picture looks like by mid-November we should have a pretty good idea of what pledge dollars we will have to work with and formulate a plan. Then we will go to the District Committee on Church Locations and Buildings (which meets mid-December). The committee will look at our plan and bless or tweak it. With that behind us we will hold a special Church Conference and put it to the membership for a vote.

I want to again thank all who have made a pledge to this campaign and entreat those who have not yet turned in your card to please do so. Together we can do remarkable things and with God on our side, we can do miraculous things.

Pastor Jim

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