Sanctuary for Traditional Worship



Our Sanctuary is the heart of our church. It is the place where most people have their first experience with First Methodist. Since this is such a prominent space in the life of our church, it has been clear that we need to update our Sanctuary in order to enhance both our Traditional and Contemporary Worship. There is also a lack of gathering space for large events. The second goal of the space is to provide a large gathering space for fellowship dinners and banquets.

Sanctuary for Banquet Seating

Sanctuary for Contemporary Worship

What the Sanctuary renovation will include.
  • NEW SOUND SYSTEM - Currently the sound system has caused many distraction to our worship experience. Luckily, new technology is available to remove the sound distractions. Our goal is to install a new digital system to enhance both music and spoken word.

  • NEW CHAIRS - Our Sanctuary currently has beautiful pews. Unfortunately the pews do not allow us the flexibility we need the room to provide. The new chairs will help us accommodate varying worship attendance and provide an opportunity to reorganize them for dinners and banquets.

  • NEW LIGHTING - Our current lighting does not allow for us to adjust the lighting during the worship experience. Several of our stage lights do not work, casting shadows on the preacher's face. Our stage lighting dimmers went out a few years ago. This new lighting system will also be LED allowing for lower utility costs and less frequent outages.

  • NEW ALTAR FURNITURE - Our altar is currently blocking visibility to the choir and hard to move during special events. A new portable altar table will help with visibility.

  • NEW MEDIA SYSTEM - You might have noticed we only have one screen in the Sanctuary. This causes visibility issues for half of the congregation. The proposal includes dual screens on both sides in the new 16:9 format used by modern media.

  • NEW VIDEO SYSTEM - Online streaming of our worship services has had incredible viewership in the last several years. Unfortunately the video quality and sound quality does not reflect the live experience. The proposal includes the purchase of new cameras and sound recording equipment to create high level streaming for worship. Online streaming is commonly viewed by people checking our church out for the first time as well as home-bound members who are not able to join us on Sunday morning.

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